Please Help Identify each angle pair. Choose from the list below. Corresponding, Alternate Interior, Alternate Exterior, Same-side Interior, Linear Pair, Vertical ∠1 and ∠6: ∠1 and ∠3: ∠3 and ∠6: ∠4 and ∠8: ∠4 and ∠5: ∠5 and ∠6:

Accepted Solution

Answer:The answer is given below.Step-by-step explanation:Alternate exterior angles: I is a pair of angles on the outer side of the each of two parallel lines but on opposite side of the transversal.Vertically opposite angles: They are angles opposite each other when two lines intersect each other or cross each other.Corresponding angles:  The angles which occupy the same relative position at each intersection where a transversal intersect the two parallel lines.Same side interior angles: These are the angles between the parallel lines with the transversal.Alternate interior angles: These are those angles that are alternate to each other and lie inside the parallel lines forming in Z shape.Linear pair angles: It is a pair of adjacent angles formed by two intersecting lines[tex]\angle 1\ and\ \angle 6:\ \textrm{alternate exterior angles}\\\angle 1\ and\ \angle 3:\ \textrm{Vertical opposite angles}\\\angle 3\ and\ \angle 6:\ \textrm{corresponding angles}\\\angle 4\ and\ \angle 8:\ \textrm{same side interior angles}\\\angle 4\ and\ \angle 5:\ \textrm{alternate interior angles}\\\angle 5\ and\ \angle 6:\ \textrm{linear pair angles}[/tex]